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Justice Involved Realities
  • 1 in 3 Americans have been arrested and more than 90 million have criminal records.

  • Over 5 million Americans are justice-impacted.

  • Over 2 million are in prison and another 2.9 million are in jails.

  • 68,000 inmates annually go through the jail system at 201 Poplar.

  • More than 69,000 justice-impacted adult inmates are released into Tennessee communities annually.

Now think about this…

  • 95% of all State prisoners will be released from prison.

  • 80% of those released will be on parole.

  • Shelby County has the largest number of felons in the state.

  • An estimated 7,000 ex-offenders are released from prison back into our Shelby County communities annually.

  • There are an estimated 44,000 actively on parole [state and federal], probation, and community corrections in Shelby County at this very moment. [about 5% of the population]

Reentry Barriers
  • 50% of the justice-impacted population will re-offend within 1 year of release without intervention.

  • 76% of the justice-impacted population will re-offend within 5 years from release nationwide without intervention.

  • 50 to 80% of the formerly incarcerated are still unemployed at least 6 months or so after release without intervention.

  • Those who have justice involvement chances of receiving a job offer because of their record is reduced by around 50% without intervention.

  • About $10,500 a year is the median earnings for formerly incarcerated individuals compared to $53,000 per year

  • 31% of those with an incarceration history experienced housing insecurities versus 14% of those without such a history.

  • 2% of formerly incarcerated individuals were homeless in recent years, which 10 times higher than among the general public.

Employer Challenges
  • Gallup says 51% of employees are considering a new job within the first 12 months of employment.

  • SHRM [Society for Human Resources Management] reports that direct replacement costs can reach as high as 50% to 60% of an employee’s annual salary.

  • The Center for American Progress reported that the total cost associated with turnover can cost an organization anywhere from 16% to 213% of the lost employee’s salary.

  • The Allied Workforce Mobility Survey says companies lose 25% of all new employees within the first year.

  • The Labor Force Participation Rate was last reported around 62% in Tennessee compared to the National average of 63%.

Why EcOp for Our Community

Our Shepherds are certified life coaches through Life Empowerment Enterprises, Inc. [LEE, Inc.] and trained mentor professionals by the Mentor Memphis Grizzlies Foundation [MMGF]. Michigan-based Triad Performance Technologies, Inc. studied and evaluated the effects of a coaching intervention on a group of regional and district sales managers within a large telecom organization. The third-party research study cites a 10:1 return on investment in less than one year. The study found that the following business outcomes were directly attributable to the coaching intervention:

  • Top-performing staff, who were considering leaving the organization, were retained, resulting in reduced turnover, increased revenue, and improved customer satisfaction.

  • A positive work environment was created, focusing on strategic account development and higher sales volume.

  • Customer revenues and customer satisfaction were improved due to fully staffed and fully functioning territories.

  • Revenues were increased, due to managers improving their performance and exceeding their goals.

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