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Employer & Community Partner Testimonials

Take a look at the kind words our hiring partners have shared about our program and participants.

Current Employer-Partners

Greg Ward

Facilities Manager at Barnhart Crane

“Barnhart has worked with EcOp for thirty years and has seen how the organization has made a difference in many lives and families. EcOp is providing effective approaches to the justice-involved population that deserves all our attention. The Shepherd’s daily involvement in the lives of the participants assures Barnhart that they are bringing positive changes in their lives.”


Richard Williamson

Executive Vice President at Bryce Corporation

“EcOp is an innovative and pioneering organization that is providing effective approaches to the justice-involved population that deserves all our attention. We provide employment opportunities to EcOp participants, which supports our organization in meeting our customer demands. We are pleased to collaborate with EcOp’s Shepherd’s Work Program to prepare individuals for employment and life development opportunities through their mentoring and life coaching services that discourages recidivism.”


Pete Hunt

Vice President of Standard Construction Company, Inc.

“We have partnered with EcOp for many years now for staffing needs at our organization. The Shepherd’s Work Program model EcOp provides/allows our organization to find great employees through careful vetting and research. We are truly thankful to have worked with EcOp for many years now. Our company has been blessed through the staffing and relationships that have been built over the years.”

Prior Employer-Partners

Micah Newhouse

CEO of Southern Systems International, LLC

“We have partnered with EcOp since 2019 and know first-hand the impact the EcOp is having on the lives of individuals. Our first EcOp employee has become a key member of our team. Memphis, and the greater Memphis community, is better because of organizations like EcOp and the difficult work they do day in and day out. By returning individuals to work, they are giving these individuals hope, self-worth, value, and meaning, with a greater purpose. I would highly recommend and encourage other individuals and organizations to support the work of EcOp.”


Mike Federico

Chief Administrative Officer of Northwest Contracting Services, Inc.

“The Shepherd’s Work Program provides NWCS with staffing in a very challenging labor market. The participants fill roles that some people are unable to perform and many people are unwilling to perform. The biggest advantage that we have experienced from EcOp, versus other agencies, is their utilization of Shepherds. They are receptive to feedback and ideas we offer to help the participants find success. The partnership benefits the program participants, our company, and our customers. All of which directly benefit our City of Memphis.”

Community Partners

Tony Parker

Commissioner at TN Department of Correction (TDOC)

“We value the work EcOp does through its Shepherd’s Work Program, which complements our mission of providing effective community supervision and enhancing public safety through evidence-based programs. EcOp is innovative and works diligently to provide effective approaches to justice-involved individuals, and it takes all of us working together for a safer Tennessee.”


Michelle Hill

Employment Specialist at TDOC-Probation & Parole

“The partnership formed between my agency and EcOp has been longstanding and productive. EcOp has reached great milestones in providing ex-offenders with job placement/job training assistance, re-entry services, and other viable resources to transition justice-involved individuals back into society. With the knowledge and skills gained from the Shepherds, clients are more equipped to tackle any barriers hindering their success. TDOC is a proud partner and great supporter of Economic Opportunities.”


Marnie Klyman

U.S. Probation Officer at Western District of TN Probation Office

“I have no doubt that the EcOp Shepherd’s Work Program is a valuable and transforming program to our returning citizens. We are excited about this opportunity and the future impact EcOp will have on the Greater Memphis Community.”


Reginald Carrick

Director of All Star Training Academy, LLC

“This collaboration project between All Star Training Academy and Economic Opportunities has proven to be an essential need here in the Memphis community. Their Shepherding model is designed and proven to benefit workers and employers alike.”


Molly Polatty

Government Program Manager at Greater Memphis Financial Empowerment Center

“The Greater Memphis Financial Empowerment Center values the work EcOp does through its Shepherd’s Work Program. This is a huge need that compliments our work to help improve the financial footing of Shelby County residents.”

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