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Rebuilding Lives,
Reconnecting Families,
Restoring Communities

EcOp Memphis is a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming the lives of justice-impacted and under-resourced adults in the Greater Memphis Area by providing sustainable employment opportunities, life coaching, spiritual guidance, and mentoring through our innovative 'Shepherd's Work' program.


EcOp has directly employed 395 participants since 2021.


EcOp has directly employed 395 participants since 2021.


89% of former participants that were employed 6+ months by EcOp since 2021
did not recidivate (11%recidivism rate).


EcOp has provided $3.2 million of total direct income to participants between 2018-2022.


EcOp’s estimated infused community income towards poverty impact is equal to $10.4 million between 2018-2022.



EcOp was established in 1991 as a Memphis Leadership Foundation program for adult reentry training.

In 2017, EcOp was revitalized and transitioned to using our 'Shepherd's Work' model to provide holistic support to justice-involved adults.



Everyone we serve actively engages in the transformative 'Shepherd's Work' program. Within this initiative, our participants are not just recipients but are shepherded with the aspiration that they evolve into guiding figures. These emerging Shepherds play a pivotal role, extending their influence to others within the program and in their broader communities. At the core of Economic Opportunities, our Shepherds embody the driving force, and their personalized mentorship with each participant stands as a cornerstone, indispensable to the success of the entire program.

We're empowering individuals to attain economic stability in their own lives & homes

by offering comprehensive support that extends beyond traditional employment, fostering a sense of purpose, resilience, and self-sufficiency that transforms not only their financial well-being but also their overall quality of life.

Mechanic in Garage

At EcOp Memphis, we train individuals through a holistic approach that combines on-the-job training, life coaching, spiritual guidance, and mentoring to equip them with the necessary skills, mindset, and support network for sustainable employment and personal development. Our 'Shepherd's Work' program follows the Elements of Effective Practice and six core standards for mentoring, ensuring a comprehensive and effective training experience.

Industrial Engineer

We mentor by providing one-on-one guidance, emotional support, and skills development to individuals, helping them navigate the challenges of life, employment, and personal growth. Our mentors, or "Shepherds," lead by example, living out a faith-based lifestyle that is transferable, embodying the principles of 2 Timothy 2:2 and 1 Thessalonians 2:8, fostering strong relationships with those we serve, and guiding them toward a path of long-term success.


We refer individuals to jobs through an intentional process that involves assessing their skills, interests, and needs. Our 'Shepherd's Work' program collaborates with local employers and leverages our network to identify suitable employment opportunities, matching individuals with positions that align with their abilities and aspirations, ultimately fostering sustainable employment and economic stability in the Greater Memphis Area.

Matthew  Rickett Spotlight

I first connected with an EcOp Shepherd while I was still in prison. Once released, I came in for an interview and, while talking with Shepherd James, I was really convinced that this is what I wanted to do. I started working at Standard Construction and knew this this could help me accomplish my personal goals. I built relationships with both Shepherds James and R. L. Both of them were very attentive and made sure that whatever I needed from them, they were willing to offer support. James continues to offer assistance with any information that I need. Since coming and being a part of Economic Opportunities, I have really grown and developed because they gave me the opportunity to work. Having a stable job allows me to make better life choices.

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