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EcOp promotes economic equity by maintaining a benefit-cost ratio that creates $1.65-$1.90 in poverty-fighting benefits for every $1 spent.

Why choose Economic Opportunities?

We create lasting change

For nearly 30 years EcOp has been making powerful and lasting changes in communities all across Memphis.

Lower Recidivism

Participants that complete EcOp’s program report a less than 5% recidivism (re-offend) rate, compared to the national average of 76%.

Permanent Hires

In 2020, EcOp helped guide 51 participants to find full-time employment

Retention Rate

In 2020, EcOp reported a 79% retention rate amongst participants

Average Time with Shepherd

Our Shepherds play a critical role in the lives of our participants. Each one spends an average of 4 hours per month 1-on-1 with their Shepherd.

Total Referrals

EcOp works closely with Community Partners to identify individuals who could benefit from our program. In 2021, EcOp had a total of 683 referrals.

New Hires

163 of our applicants were hired into the program in 2021.

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Yearly Report

Participant Spotlight

Luke (left) and Antonio (right) at the Barnhart worksite

Luke Amalong

Luke has been with EcOp since February of 2021.

His shepherd, Antonio Dunn, says this about Luke, "During his time at EcOp Luke has came a long way battling through addiction and overcoming other challenges in his life. He already has his own transportation and is currently working on getting his own house. He doing so well at Barnhart that they're wanting to hire him fulltime."

What was your family life like before EcOp?

"I was trying to get clean, sober, and be a father that my kids could be proud of. I was talking to them, but hadn't seen them in almost 2 years. "

Since being at EcOp, tell us about some of the things you have learned.

"I've learned to not give up and not be a quitter even when I make mistakes. I have also learned to push through it and make changes. GOD will give you new opportunities."

How has your faith affected you during your time at EcOp?

"It played a big part in my life. Being at the daily devotionals encouraged and reminded me that GOD is with in whatever I go through. And the HE will give me the strength to overcome."

Has your family situation changed since you've been at EcOp?

"Me and my family are working on having a stronger relationship. I've even gotten a chance to go visit my children since being at EcOp."

What mantra motivates or inspires you?

Do good and good things will happen!